Serengeti Wildebeest migration

We start our Tanzania adventure in Arusha, sitting in the shadow of Mt Meru with Mt Kilimanjaro in sight (on a rare clear day, of course!). Arusha offers the widest variety of authentic locally made souvenirs and the opportunity to buy Tanzanites during our visit to the cultural centre, together with the opportunity to wander through the biggest art gallery showcasing local talent based in East Africa and the soon to be opened Dr Jane Goodall museum.

photo of elephants in the Serengeti

Heading westward, out first game viewing experience will be at Tarengire National Park where you take in the view of thousands of Cape Buffalo making up the biggest buffalo herd in all of Africa. From there we head North and West, calling in for an early picnic lunch at Lake Manyara in the rift valley, which has a forest fed by water gurgling up out of the ground and allowing gigantic fig and mahogany trees to dominate. By mid-afternoon you will be signing in at the Ngorongoro crater conservation area gate as the road starts winding its way up to the crater rim through the forest on the eastern side of the crater with incredibly large trees until you emerge at the view site called “WoW!” that allows your first glimpse of the impressive Ngorongoro crater!! Here the accommodation will be on the crater rim with mesmerising views of within and across the cater while listening to the animal sounds drifting up from the crater floor. The following day is spent on the crater floor in what feels like the biggest zoo in Africa due to volume of the different species of bird and animals seen from close quarters. The following day we descend the crater rim in a westerly direction and visit the Oldevai exploration site where Dr Leaky attempts to prove evolution through the various fossils found in this fossil rich exploration site, and if conditions allow, the magnetic sands.

photo of Serengeti

Next stop, entrance to the Serengeti conservation area and the endless plains that carry so much game! Our choice of camp is dictated by the  season and where we expect to see the largest part of the wildebeest migration. Over the next few days we will be travelling in the largest movement of wildebeest and zebra seen on earth and all the surrounding game species associated with the migration. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyena and serval are some of the predators expected to be seen, and a “must do” adventure is a ride in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti plains followed by a champagne breakfast out in the wild.

After a few magical days, we board a local charter flight for two-hour flight to Zanzibar, where our choice of lodging is right along-side the historic stone town. After a few days exploring the history of the slave trade and the local spice route it is time to start our journey home.

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photo of beautiful view in the Serengetiphoto of hotel in the Zanzibarphoto of Dinner in Zanzibar