African Hunting - World Class Bow Blinds

Royal Karoo has New World Class Bow Blinds!

After so much deliberation it was decided to build purpose-built bow blinds – and what a success they are proving to be!!

Uppermost in our minds, when making this decision, was the realization that while building a world class-hunting destination, we were not catering to the huge sector of the hunting community – the bow hunters.

So six blinds have been built in strategic positions, taking the terrain, natural animal pathways and the sun into account. Water points have been purpose built to have the target animals stand side on when drinking water – all to facilitate the hunt for the dedicated bow hunter.

The blinds themselves have been sunk 1 meter below ground level, are 3mx3,5m and sound proofed. A long bench with extra padding and carpets add some comfort to the long cold days in the blind.

All this will once again give Royal Karoo a world-class edge amongst the bow hunting fraternity.

Happy Hunting,


African Hunting - View of what is happing in the field
African Hunting - View of the field
African Hunting - World Class Bow Blinds

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