African Hunting Experience - Kudu bull with indication of ideal shot placement

Shot Placement: African vs North American Game

There is always a debate about shot placement when new hunters arrive at our base here at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris. One of the main points of debate is the temptation of new ballistics constantly entering the market, resulting in more high-powered rifles.

The result for us has been that less emphasis is placed on shot placement and more on firepower.  This results in the hunter defaulting to what he knows.

And therein lies the rub: North American game’s ideal shot placement is behind the shoulder to hit the vitals.  The general rule of thumb for African game is to place your vertical crosshair on the front leg and place the shot a third of the distance from the stomach baseline.

So, when the shot is placed behind the shoulder on the African animal and the shot is pulled slightly further back – we have a wounded animal heading for the hills – not to mention a really disappointed hunter…

Every problem has a solution – and this problem is easily solved by studying one of the many shot placement books out there. We use “The Perfect Shot” by Kevin Robertson and published by Safari Press.

Happy hunting!

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