Second-Change Eland

Second-Chance Eland Into the Karoo Hunting in Africa has long been a dream of mine, and the dream finally started to become reality three years ago when my wife Carolyn and I finally committed to go.  We went to hunting expos and watched innumerable TV shows about hunting on [...]

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Royal Karoo in the media

Royal Karoo Safaris featured in latest African Hunting Gazette In August 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting Ken Bailey at Royal Karoo Safaris. Click below for the latest issue of African Hunting Gazette and read about Ken's time with us on page 92. [...]

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Utilizing Our Harvested Venison One of the privileges of being involved in a hunting operation is that we get the opportunity to utilize our locally harvested venison across a broad spectrum of species. Experimentation has become the order of the day as we push the concept of nose to [...]

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The Process of Importing a Firearm Privately

The Process of Importing a Firearm Privately Joe visited Royal Karoo Safaris with his hunting group during April 2018, and after many hours around the campfire and with a successful hunt behind his group, he started loosening his grip on a very special firearm in his armoury. Earlier that [...]

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Wounded Kudu!

Wounded Kudu! I previously wrote about the correct placement for African animals – and the response and remarks have been interesting – from “I didn’t know” to “I haven’t been taught that” to the gung-ho attitude of “I will just bring a bigger cannon”… But let me share some [...]

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Shot Placement: African vs North American Game

Shot Placement: African vs North American Game There is always a debate about shot placement when new hunters arrive at our base here at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris. One of the main points of debate is the temptation of new ballistics constantly entering the market, resulting in more high-powered [...]

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Hunting Chronicles and News

Hunting Chronicles During the latter half of the 2017 hunting season, we hosted Kevin and Jason Spenst from Alberta, Canada. Kevin and Jason host and produce one of the longest-running hunting programs aired by WILD TV, based in Edmonton. The Hunting Chronicles joined us at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris [...]

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At Royal Karoo it’s about embracing the absolute silence at first light, watching the bonfire sparks fade into the starry night, and viewing the elusive Kudu in all its majesty – all this without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Answer the call to the ‘Most Unforgettable African Experience’!


Contact us today and book your hunting package with Royal Karoo Safaris. The Lodge is equipped for a very comfortable stay, and is not your usual camping or bare-minimum accommodation.


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