Wounded Kudu!!

Wounded Kudu!! I previously wrote about the correct placement for African animals – and the response and remarks have been interesting – from “I didn’t know” to “I haven’t been taught that” to the gung-ho attitude of “I will just bring a bigger cannon”… But let me share some [...]

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SHOT PLACEMENT: AFRICAN VS NORTH AMERICAN GAME There is always a debate about shot placement when new hunters arrive at our base here at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris. One of the main points of debate is the temptation of new ballistics constantly entering the market, resulting in more high-powered [...]

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Hunting Chronicles and News

Hunting Chronicles During the latter half of the 2017 hunting season, we hosted Kevin and Jason Spenst from Alberta, Canada. Kevin and Jason host and produce one of the longest-running hunting programs aired by WILD TV, based in Edmonton. The Hunting Chronicles joined us at Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris [...]

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