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What is Ethical Hunting?

At Royal Karoo we pride ourselves that our hunting is as ethical as hunting can get – that means that our hunting is “fair chase”, sustainable and designed expose the hunter to the full scope of the diversity of our hunting farm and surrounding concessions.

By declaring that we are a “Fair chase” hunting outfit we commit ourselves to using hunting practices that pits the hunters skills against those of the game being hunted, giving the animal every chance of escape should the hunter make a mistake or if the hunter’s skills are lacking. We spend many hours walking and stalking, being sure to never shoot from the vehicles which are used to penetrate the hunting areas as these are vast – and of the recovery that needs to take place so that every animal is fully utilized. This practice has resulted in the animals in our hunting areas having very little fear of vehicles and thereby enhancing the tourism aspect of hunting in Africa as every time you go out into the wild you can expect a great game viewing experience.

Our hunting areas are fenced – as are all hunting areas in South Africa. To qualify for a permit to operate a hunting business all year round, every game operation in South Africa needs to obtain a CAE(certificate of adequate enclosure), which means that we are fenced. The fence however plays no role whatsoever in the quality of the hunt, or makes it any easier to hunt as our areas are large and once an animal is spooked it disappears into the mountains while the fences are generally several kilometers away. The fence does however allow us to guarantee the availability of trophies as they are contained on the concession, but the size of these concessions means that it is “hunt on!!!”